Ubuntu 10.04 Alpha 2 – Review

So I decided to update my laptop to Ubuntu 10.04.  This process got off to a rough start because a pesky dog ran into my laptop, shutting the lid and causing a sleep halfway through the upgrade.  The problem came in that the computer was not set to be able to resume and so I only had half the updates done.  So when I rebooted, there was no graphical display, and for awhile, not even the ability to use a terminal.  Thankful, grub had been updated and I was able to boot into the recovery counsel, compile a wireless driver, get an internet connection and download and install the rest of the updates manually rather than through ‘sudo upgrade-manager -d’.  Once that was done, I was amazed at the new Ubuntu.

Improvements that I noticed:

  1. Better Graphical Display (Finally away from the orange/brown theme!)
  2. Applets, as per the past four releases, are better in bothe appearance and use.
  3. Ubuntu is keeping with its integration of web based applications and social networking through the Desktop.

There are many more improvements but these are the ones that I’ve noticed first.  I’ve also seen through Launchpad that bugs are being addressed, which in this pre-review from last year, it would appear the the integration of fixes for the bugs in Linux has improved quite aways in the past year, and this release appears to be continuing the quality product of Ubuntu Linux!

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