It is done!  The XFDL Loader is completed and it is functional.  It came down to the wire, with less than an hour left in submission time to complete but it did get done.  Here is a sample XFDL form and a sample CSV data file (RIGHT CLICK BOTH TO SAVE) to use.  The process to use the web application is (each step is a different page):

  1. Load the two sample files by file type.
  2. Set up data to merge to the form.
    • Use the drop down box on the right to select data by the header
    • Write data in the middle column input boxes to have default data for all forms.
  3. It’ll take awhile to generate the forms, be patient.  When completed, there will be a link to download a zipped archive of your forms.

And that’s it.  Be aware, because the project changed from PHP to Python, we had 10 days to generate the web application.  Therefore, there is no styling (it’s not pretty) and it might not work on all forms.  Also, it only selects text inputs.  Check boxes, more options, etc are yet to come, but this was needed to be functional by May 15th, and with only minutes to spare, it was done!

6 thoughts on “DONE!!!”

  1. What was this XFDL loader being written for? Is the contest for an implementation to replace the AKO forms module that requires the PureEdge plugin?

    1. There was a competition to make web applications (among other types) for the Army through AKO. I would like a replacement for the PureEdge plugin on MyForms though! But this was just an idea that I’d been working in my head for awhile to place data in an XFDL file and be able to do it per a database to save time. I’m working on as MS Office Plugin to do that now.

  2. I found your post by looking for a way to send data from MS Access to IBM Lotus XFDL forms. I currently run about 25 databases for the Air Force in MS Access and would love to be able to send the data to XFDL or my second option would be to a preexisting editable PDF form with an electronic signature block. As everyone knows Access can export to PDF but I need the data in a XFDL form or PDF that can receive a digital signature. Have you gotten this to work?

    1. Hey there, I too am looking to send information from Access into a Lotus Form. I’m looking for the capability to fill the form with information from the Access database, and then email the form to the supervisor for him to digitally sign. I’m not sure if this is possible, but i would like the form to then be sent to another email for security to digitally sign the form and send it back. The form then needs to be signed by me, and thats it. I was hoping that once the form was emailed back the database could auto change the status so i know that it either needs to be sent to security or signed. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

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