NCOER Spreadsheet – Done

Okay, so I’ve updated my code and I’m ready to release to the world my NCOER speardsheet.  Here’s a quick tutorial on how to use it.

  1. Download the Excel 2007 or Excel 2003 version. (Right Click and Save As)
  2. Ensure that you have enabled macros [ Office 2007 ] or [ Office 2003 ] for your MS Excel.
  3. Open the file you downloaded.
  4. Enter the unit you need the report for in the textbox on the left.
  5. Click Update
  6. It will prompt you for your AKO Username/Password to access the data.
  7. Wait a short time and it will automatically load and filter.
  8. Print or export the data as needed.

And that’s it.  I know military types read this blog (proven through the Open XFDL project) so please comment and let me know your opinion!

5 thoughts on “NCOER Spreadsheet – Done”

  1. DO you have anything for Excel 2010? I tried using this but it says I have to debug it for it to work. What does that mean?

    1. I’ve been able to get the CAC enabled spreadsheet to work only on networks away from Army networks. The address has changed from isdrad16 and is updated in the current version but the proxy does not allow access to IWRS. It works well from home though, I’ll let you know if I figure out exactly how to allow IWRS through a DOD network.

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