An Idea.

Okay, this may be a rather dull post but here’s an idea and input would be helpful from those who’ve done this type of thing. So, a few years ago I did a lot with rocketry. A move to a less open area and the addition of kids caused a slow down, to a point. The kids love it but I don’t have the time to build the big ones until they get a little older. Anyhow, in that time I dabbled a bit with electronics.

My idea is a fun project my kids (6 and 7 years old) may have fun helping with. I’m sure it’s been done many times but make a radio that is controlled by a serial interface. I am constantly in work environments that block streaming radio, but I thought it’d be fun to make a device that will plug into a serial interface and it can receive the sound data as well as be able to control the channel and such through a program.

Anyone with experience in serial devices is welcome to contribute an opinion. Like most projects that seem simple, I’m sure this is not but thank you for your comments!

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