I know its been awhile since I’ve posted on here.  About a month ago, I got a new job where I’m working overnights so its been tough getting programming as a hobby in and especially writing as it while I adjust to the new work shift.  Some projects I’ve been working on:

1. I’ve gotten real heavy into using microprocessors.  Recently, I’ve gone to programming on the Arduino to using the ATMega in its own circuit (programmed while on the Arduino board for testing and then once ready to complete, finishing it on its own circuit.)

2. As usual, working on an XFDL for Linux project.  The GUI in WXWidgets is coming along, working out using libxml2 to parse the file, which is taking awhile but its beginning to flow.  Keep checking back for updates as they happen.

3. Finally got a Mac OSX running with xCode in Virtual Box.  I’m going to get back into Objective C and iPhone apps as I get it working more smoothly.

Thank you for checking in, I’ll be posting more regularly from here on out.

2 thoughts on “Apologize…”

  1. zbert, I’ve been trying to parse XFDL files, unsuccessfully so far. I was wondering if i could get a glimpse at some of your code. Preferable php or vba, but anything would be great. Thanks

  2. Zbert, Im in the same boat as cook. Additionally im working on a project for the military SRP process. XFDL integration would vastly improve its reception.

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