XFDL with PHP 2…

Recent progress with doing XFDL forms in PHP.  I put some time into this project recently figuring that this web based viewer would be the most applicable.  Think if AKO’s MyForms, a setup where you can pass forms from one user to the next to get it filled out and signed; if that program never needed to leave the web?  With doing XFDL forms in PHP, that is possible!  My code is a mess right now so I will put up the PHP, Javascript for the page on a later post.

For now, go to the old version to see what the forms should be like and go to the new version to see progress on the viewer.

5 thoughts on “XFDL with PHP 2…”

  1. I love the XFDL Loader — brilliant — and wonder if there is an Un-Loader. I have a huge XFDL form that I want to export the contents of into a CSV file or something like it. Its a tool hand receipt list that is stuck in the XFDL formst so we can view it but not use it the way we need to as contractors. Thanks for any assistance.

  2. Good job on the XFDL Loader! I have been testing the loader and it does work with the Army XFDL Files, but I’m working with some XFDL forms from another company and i doesn’t work. Do you know which version of the XFDL Specification works for the loader? It may be that other company is using a newer version or maybe some proprietary version of the specification. I know some companies license XFDL from IBM and maybe they can change some things.

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