So, for years when coding an application, I’ve run across several blogs that have been very helpful.  In creating this blog, I am wanting to offer a service much in the same way which will provide quality coding examples on a variety of subjects.

I program as a hobby and find computer science incredibly interesting.  I currently am working on bug triage for Ubuntu Linux and have contributed for procects such as py-wifi and nmap.  Open source is an incredible way for an hobby programmer to develop both skills and applications.

My interests range from the actual science that goes into the computer from processor up to high level, interpreted languages.  Python and C are my two most used languages as you’ll be able to see through this site.  I also carry a large interest in computer security.

This blog is a subdomain of my company website, Skelton Networks.  Please visit that website to find out more about the services that I provide, mostly in the local central Iowa region.

Thank you and enjoy!

3 thoughts on “About”

  1. Nice to find your blog. I have very much similar interests. My main programming hobby is web applications. I am mainly looking at more interactive mapping web applications with multi-touch interfaces. Thanks for the work and useful posts.

  2. can u send me the code on how to convert xfdl to MS word document,
    i read and download your post but did not under stand what to do,

    tomer yakoby

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