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GZip with ZLib

In an effort to use zlib in VBA, I had to first learn to use it.  I’m looking to gunzip the XFDL files to use the data as an MS  Office plugin.  In tinkering with zlib’s GZip functions, I found them to be very much like normal file handling in C.  Here’s a link to the official zlib reference manual, GZip is the tenth section.  So, to test it, I made a “micro-gunzip” which does work well.  When compiling, don’t forget to link to libz.a using gcc -o out -i in.c -lz.   Other than that, enjoy!  The basics are covered in the comments.

#include <stdio.h>
#include <zlib.h>
/* gcc filename.c -o outname -lz */

int main(int argc, char *argv[]) {
	// variables
	gzFile gFile;           // gzip file object
	FILE *pFile;            // out file object
	char *filen = argv[1];  // get the name of the file
	char buffer[100];       // buffer for reading

	// open files
	gFile = gzopen(filen, "rb");        // same as file
	pFile = fopen("example.out","wb");
	if(pFile == NULL || gFile == NULL)
		perror("Error opening file");
	else {
	    // write
		while(!gzeof(gFile)) {
			gzgets(gFile,buffer,100);   // file object first
			fputs(buffer,pFile);        // write to plain tex
		// close
	return 0;