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Minesweeper Guide

So the classic game of Minesweeper is a great waste of my time.  I’ve found though, the secret to being successful is understanding the 2’s.  I’ll demonstrate with a series of screenshots.  I’ll remind my readers that the Minesweeper I use is Linux based, and Windows’ Minesweeper is somewhat different.  For example, the version I’m using will always have the upper left corner free and there is always a solution through logic.  Unfortunately, in Windows, there are times when no logic will fix it.

Now, I’ve created a program to solve the puzzles, but it’s no where near as fun.  For the cheat program (for Windows XP version) check out my tutorial.  It’s a good read on using C in Windows to pull information about a program, or hooking, as it is better known.

The key for all the graphics is:

  • RED = MINE

The first three graphics will show a common pattern with a 5 and some a row including 2’s.  When 2’s are in a row, you can start eliminating.

EDIT: I plan to continue updating this, but for now I’ll post as is.