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Beatsense Music Service…


If you’re a fan of music, you will like BeatSense.  The site became active in October 2015.  I have since created two rooms Chillstep and Full of Treble.  The perk in these rooms is that your playlist (sourced from YouTube videos) is shared.

That means as you listen to the songs you enjoy, other users may add to that playlist which helps in finding new music.   For my two rooms, the more modern music gets many more viewers than the classical music but it works well to have music that plays consistently that is of my interests while I work.

The site is active, has been positive in receiving feedback and is consistently under development and adding new features.  Give it a look and enjoy the sounds!

Tuba Christmas…


Snow on the ground, cold in the air, music all around.  It’s Christmas time and with the season brings Tuba Christmas again.  After a decade of rest for my lungs, it’s been nice getting the rusty brass behemoth to sound good.

Sample music from practice: 

For those unfamiliar with the event, here are some good videos: