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I’m Back…

Sorry for anyone who watches this site.  After the last server upgrade, this site went offline and I was not able to focus my attention on it until I’d returned from my Army school.  Now that I’m back though, I have several projects getting ready to go, here’s a list of what to expect over the next couple months:

  1. Return to the garmin wardriver project.
  2. A python based minesweeper (ncurses).
  3. XFDL projects (primarily MS Access integration).

That’s just a short list of what is on my mind.  It’s great to be back on-line!

Slow Down…

Some of the avid readers may of noticed a slow down in the frequency of my posts.  That is because I am preparing to go to a school with the Army (BOLC) for the next four months.  Due to the pace of this school, I will be doing far less development and it’s likely I’ll have less internet access.  I have not gone away and this page is not dead though.  I will post as able while gone but everything will return to normal when I’m back home.